Sunday, May 6, 2018


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© Jamie Goodsell


This year has been the constant struggle between paying bills and creating art. This is the reality for creative people and I'm feeling it really heavily this year. Just when you think you've found a balance, something throws a rock on the ground for you to trip on. I've always been fortunate to have that voice inside that tells me to get back up and keep pushing forward...maybe I got that from skateboarding? 
    This is a new vibe, direction, and effort that I feel is a representation of eight years of shooting, failing, and learning. I'm simply a different person now and have different styles and likings. This direction is all being captured on film because I feel it better represents my vision. The actual film quality yes, but even more the experience of slowing down and choosing a moment that speaks to who I am as a person. 

I hope to make a lot more this year - here's to hoping that things stop getting in my way! 

© Jamie Goodsell 2018