Friday, January 2, 2015


Have you ever wondered why Impossible Project can't just simply make Polaroid film using the old formula? Here is your answer, straight from the source. 

"There is no formula that we can adhere to. Polaroid stopped ordering the chemistry for their film in the mid-2000s, with their plan to discontinue the film. We stepped in in 2009 and saved the last film factory from destruction, but the chemicals Polaroid used were long gone at that time, either no longer made, or banned by current environmental laws that are now in place where the factory is in Holland. Fuji is based in Japan, so they are subject to completely different environmental laws. If we could make film exactly the same way as the old Polaroid film was, we would of course, but we can't. We have had to reverse engineer the film and start from scratch using all new chemicals. Basically, we had to make something that looked like a cake and tasted like a cake, but we couldn't use any of the ingredients you use to make cake. It's been extremely difficult, and that is why our film performs differently and requires different handling. However, we have made huge strides in quality since 2010 when our first films were released, and we will continue to do so. The bottom line is film improvement and eventually getting our product to the levels of Polaroid film you remember, but it will take time. The special editions are fun limited edition products we can offer and ultimately, the sale of these films goes toward funding the continued improvement of the film behind the scenes. Keep in mind that it took Polaroid about 17 years to get their film to the level you remember it. We are only in year 4. However, we have made monumental progress in a shorter amount of time. Eventually, we hope to have film that performs similarly to the old Polaroid film and we will get there in time."
                                            -Impossible Project

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