Sunday, January 22, 2017


In all of my years, I have never seen anything like what took place yesterday. There has never been such a turn out against an elected President in our entire history. It was a message people sent all over the world. We want equality for women. We want equality for all. We want to be in control of our bodies and our families, to decide who we want to spend our lives with. We want universal health care. We want a clean Earth. We want a leader with good values and a government with actual experience. 

I want to thank all of my brothers and sisters for getting out on the streets yesterday and showing solidarity in the fight for equality and love. You all proved to the world that hate will never win. You sent a very powerful message to the evil that has taken our highest appointment in office and exercised you're First Amendment rights as citizens of this great country. I couldn't be more proud.

The reaction (or lack there of) to the Women's March on Washington is proof that we have shaken them. They will continue to react with anger and denial and we will continue to fight with strength and love. This fight will will continue to grow in will not stop until the hate and injustice is washed away from our government. I stand with you all and I encourage you to keep marching on, to keep calling your senators, to keep sending your message of love to the evil that is trying to take over our world. 

I love you all, 


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