Sunday, July 10, 2016


I wanted to stop for a minute and write down this thought...

Photography has really been an amazing thing for me. Some of the people that I met in college (including the instructors), have become some of my closest friends and supporters. I'm really fortunate to be doing what I'm doing and I wanna say thank you to those people that have been apart of my life and journey. It's truly incredible to me that by just having a camera and some drive, I've been able to somehow stumble into the life that I truly feel is meant to be. Opportunities should be earned with a strong work ethic, devotion, professionalism, and a true curiosity to keep learning your craft. I'm so grateful to exist in a world where I can utilize those traits to create the life that makes me the happiest. I'll never take for granted that I couldn't do anything without all of the people in my life that make it possible. For that, I have to say once again - thank you so much for being apart of what makes me happy. 

      Lots of love, 


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